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Conceived in Tyranny
If the American Revolution was in some large measure a tax rebellion, we should appreciate the bitter irony that the U.S. Constitution was in some large measure a reaction to a tax rebellion. It’s another reason we can reasonably view the move toward the Constitution — toward, that is, the concentration of power in a…
The Constitution Revisited
I am mystified that so many libertarians still see the U.S. Constitution as a landmark achievement in the struggle for liberty. On principle alone, they should have become wary in time. A document that is adored at virtually every position in the political firmament should arouse suspicion among libertarians. Moreover a smattering of historical knowledge…
Liberate gli Hammond
La chiusura mentale ha diverse forme. Si vede dal modo in cui oggi alcuni progressisti reagiscono agli eventi di Burns, nell’Oregon, dove un gruppo di persone ha occupato una struttura dell’Ente Federale per la Gestione del Territorio per protestare contro la condanna al carcere dei rancher Dwight e Steve Hammond. I due, padre e figlio,…
Free the Hammonds
Bigotry comes in multiple forms. It’s evident at present in some progressives’ responses to events in Burns, Oregon, where protestors opposed to the jailing of ranchers Dwight and Steve Hammond are occupying a Bureau of Land Management facility. The father and son were convicted of two counts of arson on federal land under the draconian…
We Need More Treason, Not Less
One of the more disturbing trends on the American Center-Left (which sees itself, entirely without justification, as “the Left”) is the increasing popularity of the right-wingers as “seditionists” or “traitors” meme. The most notable recent example, in the wake of the racially-motivated massacre in Charleston, is the identification of the Confederate battle flag with “treason.”…
The Anatomy of Escape
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
Free Markets & Capitalism?
Organization Theory
Conscience of an Anarchist