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Why Are the “Adults in the Room” So Awful?
It’s common among centrists to describe themselves — in contrast to the “far Left” and “far Right” — as the “rational adults” who can compromise and get things done. The “rational adult” trope usually appears in conjunction with “Horseshoe Theory,” according to which wisdom and reasonableness inhere in the political center and deviation from the…
The Campaign Needs a Radical, But Sanders Isn’t It
We could use a radical in the presidential race — someone who really challenges the status quo — but Bernie Sanders isn’t it. Sanders of course calls himself a democratic socialist, but that tells us almost nothing. One gets the impression the socialist label was pinned on him and after resisting it, Sanders decided “socialist”…
Sanders’s Immigration Comments Prove We Need a Radical Left on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Cory Massimino‘s “Sanders’s Immigration Comments Prove We Need a Radical Left” read by Tony Dreher and edited by Nick Ford. When individuals are free to move and travel without asking permission from government bureaucrats, they are capable of crafting meaningful lives and communities that enable everyone to advance their well-being on…
Sanders’s Immigration Comments Prove We Need a Radical Left
Bernie Sanders thinks open borders are a “right-wing proposal” that “would make everyone in America poorer.” Sanders’s comments not only display a shocking ignorance of the economics of immigration, but also a disappointing, racist, xenophobic tendency among the mainstream left. While Sanders also thinks we have a “moral responsibility” to “work with the rest of…
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