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“Privatization” or Corporatism?
On the November 10 episode of the Stossel Show, libertarian commentator John Stossel had an exchange with anarcho-capitalist writer David Friedman on the possibility of “privatizing everything” (i.e. all government functions). When they got to military functions, their discussion shed considerable light on what “privatization” means to a lot of the libertarian Right. “Much of…
A Futilidade da “Reforma de Mercado” Dirigida pelo Governo: Privatização
Se há coisa que o establishment libertário — isto é, organizações libertárias da corrente majoritária cuja principal atividade é fazer lobby junto ao estado em favor de “reforma de livre mercado” — adora, é a assim chamada “privatização.” Artigo de Paul Buchheit em Truth-out.com (“Oito Maneiras pelas Quais a Privatização Não Deu o que os…
The Futility of State-Directed “Market Reform”: Privatization
If there’s one thing the libertarian establishment — that is, mainstream libertarian organizations whose main activity is lobbying the state for “free market reform” — loves, it’s so-called “privatization.” An article by Paul Buchheit at Truth-out.com (“Eight Ways Privatization has Failed America,” Aug. 5) treats the failure of privatization as a reflection on the limits…
Health Care: When Krugman is Right …
Knapp: “Privatization” is one of those Humpty Dumpty words that means just what the political class chooses it to mean, neither more nor less.
A Libertarian Conversation on the Prison Industrial Complex
The conversation on prison profiteering and the American state’s slave trade hits the radio!
Jane Marquardt: “Progressive” Prison Profiteer
When “progressive” Democrats profit from caging and abusing immigrants, the poor, people of color, transgender women, and LGBT youth, it’s time to leave the party.
A Plea for Public Property
An all-private system can be oppressive, just as an all-public one can be.
My Case for Socializing the Means of Production
The latest Cato Unbound features my essay “From State to Society” on “privatization.”
Privatized Tyranny
Sometimes “privatization” means more government power, not less.
The Problem with Privatization
Thomas L. Knapp juxtaposes the sham privatization currently practiced with real privatization.
Nazi Privatization
Nicholas Hildyard, writing for The Corner House (March 1998), pointed out the phony nature of most of what passes for “privatization” under neoliberalism: While the privatisation of state industries and assets has certainly cut down the direct involvement of the state in the production and distribution of many goods and services, the process has been…
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Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
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