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Geo-Mutualism Offers Inter-Community Dispute-Resolution
Geo-Mutualism Offers Inter-Community Dispute-Resolution Carson’s Occupancy-and-Use Regime Has No Such Mechanism I’d like to thank Kevin Carson for taking the time to reply to my critique of his original statement. Before I continue to respond, I’d like to also take a quick moment to do something which I should have done in my first response,…
Property and the family are two ideas, for the attack and defense of which legions of writers have taken up arms during the last half century. Recent systems, founded upon old errors, but revived by the popular emotions which they aroused, have in vain disturbed, misrepresented, sometimes even denied, them. These ideas express necessary facts,…
Contro lo Stato, a Favore delle Terre Indigene
Che direste se la vostra proprietà sulla vostra casa fosse riconosciuta solo se approvata dal Congresso? Vi sentireste più sicuri o meno? Questa è la realtà che vivono milioni di brasiliani che vivono nelle favelas, le cui proprietà sono soggette a questo genere di scherzo politico. Uno scherzo che, secondo l’opinione di alcuni parlamentari, dovrebbe…
Against the State, For Indigenous Lands
Imagine that the title on your house would be recognized only if Congress approved it. Would you feel safer or less secure? This reality is already faced by millions of Brazilians who live in the favelas and have their possessions subjected to this political game. A game that should be extended to the indigenous peoples of Brazil,…
Let’s Talk About Private Property And Extracting Rent From Others
Jiminykrix recently commented on my last post about how we left-libertarian market anarchists aren’t socially liberal capitalists. He had a point to make about private property that’s worth mentioning. The inspiration for his commentary on it was my defining capitalism as the separation of labor from ownership rather than markets or private property per se….
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