William Schnack

Website: http://evolutionofconsent.com/

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William Schnack is an author, philosopher, and community organizer. Now 30, he has been involved in grassroots politics since he was 17 years old, when he co-founded the DFW General Membership Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), a revolutionary labor union. Since his time in the IWW, Schnack has been involved in two organizations he helped to found: The Black Cat Collective, a mutual aid association; and The People’s Arcane School, a peer-instructed school of philosophy, science, and mysticism. He has most recently published a book, entitled “The Evolution of Consent: Collected Essays,” which covers his metaphysical beliefs regarding dualist pantheism, and his political and economic views, which he calls “geo-mutualist panarchism.”

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