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Anti-Engels (or Anti-Anti-Duhring Aktion)
Recent years have seen a resurrection of a Great Man Of History Marxist scholasticism that fixates on some (easily accessible) Original Core Texts of supposed genius and discards all the complicated stuff afterwards, certainly everything in recent decades. This impulse is the product of a mass flocking to radical leftism wherein new recruits have little…
La Giornata delle Vittime del Capitalismo
Di Kevin Carson. Originale: Victims of Capitalism Day, pubblicato il 10 maggio 2020. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Su Reason Ilya Somin, secondo una sua pratica annuale iniziata nel 2007, ha scelto il primo maggio, festa dei lavoratori, per commemorare la “Giornata delle Vittime del Comunismo”. Somin parla di 80-100 milioni di vittime nel ventesimo secolo…
Victims of Capitalism Day
At Reason Ilya Somin, in keeping with his annual practice since 2007, has chosen May 1 — May Day — as his date for  observing “Victims of Communism Day.” Somin cites the “authoritative” Black Book of Communism as his source for a death toll of 80-100 million in the 20th century. To put that “authoritative”…
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