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Costituzionalismo Come Minaccia
Di Logan Marie Glitterbomb. Originale pubblicato il 20 settembre 2019 con il titolo Constitutionalism as a Threat. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Alla parola libertarismo, l’americano medio pensa subito ai miniarchisti di destra e agli autonominati difensori della costituzione. Queste sono persone che non credono in un anarchismo pieno, ma in un potere statale ridotto al…
Constitutionalism As a Threat
When the average american thinks of libertarianism, they often think of right-wing minarchists and self-proclaimed constitutionalists. These types don’t believe in full anarchism, but in limiting the state’s powers to only the bare minimum needed to enforce the united states constitution. These types often champion rights they see the constitution as protecting:  freedom of speech,…
Direct Action Against the War Machine
Bitcoin Pizza Day passed again recently and with it came the expected wave of posts reminiscing about how far the world of cryptocurrency has come since that fateful day when Florida Man sent 10,000 of his magical internet money overseas all for a couple of pizzas. Of course, cryptocurrency has always been touted as a…
Black Market Mutualism and the Soul of Society
When anarchists talk about counter-economic action, we envisage exchanging goods and services independent of state jurisdiction. Our purpose is to press the bounds of the regulatory state. It doesn’t matter if our efforts are illegal per se. Legality is not a moral prescription. A proper concern for institution building is uncommon in counter-economic philosophy. The…
Make Libertarianism Working Class Again!
Ever since the famous communist Joseph Déjacque coined the political use of the term libertarian in a letter to Pierre-Joseph Proudhon back in 1857 as a way to differentiate his views from those of the authoritarian communists within the anti-capitalist movement, the philosophy of libertarianism has always implied working class rebellion. At least until a…
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