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Every Man a King Juan Carlos
King Juan Carlos I of Spain’s announced abdication has instigated a flurry of commentary contrasting dictatorship and democracy. The consensus views the remaining non-honorary power of the dozen remaining monarchies in Europe, particularly in diminutive monarchies like Liechtenstein and the Vatican, as vestigial holdouts from the relentless trend towards the representative-democratic nation-state as “the end of history.” A beloved monarch’s…
Neighborhood Power: The New Localism by David Morris and Karl Hess
In 1975, two leftists, one of whom had been a top GOP insider and a founder of the American libertarian movement, collaborated on a book published by a leading Washington, D.C. left-wing think tank and the Unitarian Universalist Association advocating devolution of political power from the federal, state and city levels to self-sufficient local neighborhoods,…
Os Rothbardianos de Esquerda – Parte 1: Rothbard
Em “Libertarianism: What’s Going Right”, eu mencionei o Rothbardianismo de Esquerda como uma base possível para buscar áreas de concordância entre libertários de mercado e a esquerda. Eu gostaria de entrar já nessa questão com mais profundidade. Em 2004, eu estava extremamente animado sobre a “Era of Good Feelings” entre os políticos Michael Badnarik do…
Subversion for Fun and Profit
An Evening with Karl Hess and Robert Anton Wilson The libertarian left has many luminaries, but few as quirky, thoughtful or influential as Wilson and Hess. Wilson brought us the SNAFU principle. Hess brought us our understanding of the left/right spectrum. And both brought us a shameless embrace of counter-culture and a playful interest in…
Karl Hess: Tools to Dismantle the State
Hess speaks about everything from his time as a speechwriter for Barry Goldwater to Euclid, the impending collapse of global communism, children’s education in America, the dawn of the personal computer, and several other fascinating topics.
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Karl Hess on Appropriate/Community Technology
From the Oscar winning documentary “Toward Liberty”.
The Left-Rothbardians, Part I: Rothbard
Rothbard didn’t exactly fit the “pot-smoking Republican” stereotype.
Free Markets & Capitalism?
Markets Not Capitalism
Organization Theory
Conscience of an Anarchist