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Could Commons-Based Resource Management Have Saved Cecil?
One proposal that periodically resurfaces in debates on managing endangered species is so-called “privatization.” Predictably, it has emerged once again in the context of Cecil the Lion’s death at the hands of a rich safari-hunting dentist. Of course proposals for “privatization” generally come from the Right, and what they mean by it is reorganizing some…
Market Anarchism for Network Mutualism on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Grant A. Mincy‘s “Market Anarchism for Network Mutualism” read by James Tuttle and edited by Nick Ford. The market anarchist seeks differing and competing modes of social organization. Market anarchism maintains replacing the state with a decentralized society is desirable because of the feasibility of, and the liberating principles innate to, left-wing free market…
Market Anarchism for Network Mutualism
Human communication systems offer incredible insight to the creative nature of human beings, spontaneous social order and emerging markets within our societies. For the first time in human history we are sharing ideas from the local to the global in scale. With the advent of the Internet, social media and growing social networks, communication costs are at…
Totalitarismo Identificativo
Quelli che non hanno risposto alla richiesta di “registrazione biometrica”, che ha coinvolto circa 14 milioni di elettori in diverse città brasiliane, perderanno il diritto di voto, la possibilità di iscriversi ad un’istituzione scolastica pubblica, di godere di assistenza pubblica e di fare domanda per un lavoro pubblico. Non potranno neanche fare cose banali ed…
Identification Totalitarianism
People who did not turn up for the “biometric relisting,” which ocurred in several Brazilian cities, summoning about 14 million voters, will lose their voter registration cards, their ability to enroll in public education institutions, to benefit from welfare programs or to apply for public jobs. They will not even be able to do such…
Governo dos Estados Unidos versus DEFCAD: É Impossível Consertar a Estupidez
The following article is translated into Portuguese from the English original, written by Kevin Carson. Não há nada tão engraçado como a visão dos funcionários autoritários de uma ordem fenecente tentando reprimir uma revolução que não entendem — e fracassando miseravelmente. A tentativa do Departamento de Estado de censurar arquivos imprimíveis de armas de fogo em 3-D…
U.S. Government vs. DEFCAD: You Can’t Fix Stupid
There’s nothing quite so funny as the sight of the authoritarian functionaries of a dying order trying to suppress a revolution they don’t understand — and failing miserably. The State Department’s attempt to censor 3-D printable gun files from DEFCAD is the latest — and one of the most gut-bustingly hilarious — attempts by the…
The State is Damage, Time to Find a Route Around
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Breaking the Information Monopoly
Darian Worden on the current information landscape and building a future of freedom.
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