Last Chance to Support Tor – Online Anonymity

C4SS has a number of projects that we need your help to realize. In October we will begin raising funds to send C4SS Senior Fellows Roderick Long and Charles Johnson to represent the left-libertarian critique at Libertopia.

It is because of this change in direction that we will have to cut our drive for funding the C4SS Tor Node short. The Chipin widget has had some trouble updating, but as it stands now the drive is 24% complete or we have reaised $62. That leaves only $188 to go. I think we can do this, we can reach this goal.

C4SS relies on micro-donations. So we are not asking for much per person – $5 from 38 supporters would be enough. We are asking for swarms.

Please consider an $5 dollar donation and help C4SS play its part in maintaining online anonymity networks.

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