Supporting Online Anonymity, C4SS Quarterly Tor Node Fundraiser

For over a year, C4SS has been hosting a Tor relay node. Hosted at a freedom-friendly data center in the Netherlands, the relay is part of a global network dedicated to the idea that a free society requires freedom of information. Since June 2011 we’ve continuously added nearly 10 Mbps of bandwidth to the network (statistics). And although we can’t know, by design, what’s passed through the relay, it’s entirely likely that it has facilitated communications by revolutionaries, agorists, whistleblowers, journalists working under censorious regimes and many more striving to advance the cause of liberty.

Operating the node does come at a cost. The hosting will cost C4SS just under $250 for for six months.

If you believe, as we do, that Tor is one of the technologies that’s serving to make both state and corporate oppression not only obsolete, but impossible, please click through and contribute today.

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