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C4SS Scholars in New Book: ¡No Pasarán!
Now available for pre-order from AK Press, ¡No Pasarán! is: ” … an anthology of antifascist writing that takes up the fight against white supremacy and the far-right from multiple angles. From the history of antifascism to today’s movement to identify, deplatform, and confront the right, and the ways an insurgent fascism is growing within…
No hay activismo ético bajo el capitalismo: DAOs, DeFi y pureza ideológica
De Emmi Bevensee. Artículo original publicado 17 de setembre del 2021 con el título No Ethical Activism Under Capitalism: DAOs, DeFi, and Purity Politics. Traducido al español por Leo (Confoederatio Think Tank). Esta pieza fue co-autorada con Jahed Momand y Frank Miroslav. Dejen su pureza ideológica y presten atención a lo que ocurre más allá de…
No Ethical Activism Under Capitalism: DAOs, DeFi, and Purity Politics
Quit your purity politics and pay attention to things outside of your camp or else you’ll get wrecked by a changing world and miss meaningful opportunities.  As such, one space I’ve been paying attention to is that of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Despite the fact they often have relationships with Evil naughty bad boy things…
DOOMED Podcast Featuring Emmi Bevensee: Decentralized Web of Hate: Peer-to-Peer & White Supremacy
Emmi Bevensee, writer and editor at C4SS, and data scientist and misinformation researcher at Rebellious Data, was interviewed recently on the DOOMED podcast, “a leftist politics and culture show for our terrible times.” Emmi joined host Matt Binder to discuss: how white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and misinformation peddlers are using peer-to-peer technology to continue spreading their…
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