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The Beauty of Nationalism
We all have biases, and for many people nationalism (even the smallest degree of it) is one of them. However, if your goal is to understand the world, nationalist sentiments won’t give you the sturdiest foundation to do so. Nationalism shortcuts our thinking about the world. It awards a disproportionate amount of virtue points to…
Waging Peace By Talking to ISIS
Democratic presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee is making waves with his odd foreign policy proposals — he’s put forth a daring plan to “Wage Peace”. The plan is daring only because it’s so rare for an American presidential candidate to make unconditional peace the cornerstone of his foreign policy. On Rhode Island Public Radio this week, one…
La Privatizzazione della Diplomazia, alla Maniera di Dennis Rodman
Il verdetto è stato emesso: Tutti i popoli civili devono odiare Dennis Rodman. Politici da John McCain a John Kerry e opinionisti da Bill O’Reilly a Chris Matthews sono offesi dal fatto che un americano visiti il terzo polo dell’Asse del Male. All’inizio di questa settimana Rodman, assieme a sei suoi ex compagni di gioco…
Privatizing Diplomacy, Dennis Rodman Style
The verdict is in: All civilized people must hate Dennis Rodman. Politicians from John McCain to John Kerry and pundits from Bill O’Reilly to Chris Matthews are outraged that an American would visit the third member of the Axis of Evil. Earlier this week Rodman, along with six fellow former NBA players, arrived in Pyongyang,…
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