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Что, если твой ребенок станет трансгендерным человеком?
James C. Wilson, What if Your Child Was Trans? June 8 2023. На протяжении многих лет я выступаю за права трансгендерных людей. В это входит право трансгендерной молодежи и их родителей, под руководством своих врачей, получать те медицинские услуги, которые они считают нужными.  Я считаю эту свободу жизненно необходимой. При этом я из довольно консервативной…
What if Your Child Was Trans?
I have for years been an advocate of trans rights. This includes the rights of trans youth and their parents, with the guidance of their doctors, to pursue whatever health care they see fit. I see this freedom as life-saving. That said, I am from a rather conservative background, in which many people I know…
Scuola dell’Obbligo Prigione per Bimbi Innocenti
[Di Enrico Sanna. Originale pubblicato su Center for a Stateless Society il 4 ottobre 2016 con il titolo Compulsory Education is Jail for Innocents Kids. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna.] Recentemente, il Guardian ha pubblicato un triste articolo su una bambina di una scuola elementare pubblica di Milano. All’ora di pranzo, il preside della scuola ha…
Compulsory Education is Jail for Innocent Kids
Recently, the Guardian reported a grim story about a pupil in an elementary public school in the city of Milan, Italy. At lunchtime, the school principal took the pupil from the cafeteria and forced her to eat her lunch in the classroom, alone and away from her mates. Why? Because she had been caught red-handed. She…
There Ain’t No Such Thing as a Free School at Michaela Community School
The Independent recently reported that the Michaela Community School (MCS) in Wembley, London, is being accused of giving its students detention if their parents are unable to make payments for their child’s lunches. As punishment the school enforces a “lunch isolation” where a child is given fruit and a sandwich instead of a hot meal…
The Weekly Abolitionist: Stop Caging Kids
This week marks the 2014 National Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth. Across the country, actions will be held to protest everything from the criminalization of queer and disabled youth to the isolation of youth in solitary confinement. Ultimately, what activists are protesting is systematic child abuse by the state. Kids are being locked in…
Child Exploitation and the Myth of Moral Management
How can government possibly be trusted to protect minors?
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