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Disciplina e Sorveglianza
Sulla scia della rivolta di Ferguson, Barack Obama ha chiesto centinaia di milioni di dollari per armare la polizia di videocamere da installare sulla divisa. Questo, pensa lui, è un modo di responsabilizzare la polizia. E ha ragione. Aumenta la “responsabilità” che già si vede nella giustizia locale. Rende la polizia responsabile agli occhi del…
To Discipline and Surveil
In the wake of an uprising in Ferguson, Barack Obama requested hundreds of millions of dollars to arm the police with cameras. This, he thought, was a way of holding police accountable. And he was right, it feeds into the system of “accountability” already in place in local justice systems. It holds them accountable to…
The Camera is the New Gun, and Wikileaks is a Howitzer
Ross Kenyon explains that Wikileaks and Julian Assange delegitimize the state — not by begging our rulers to stop murdering people, but by exposing their criminal actions.
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