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¿“Bajo el capitalismo”?
Por Kevin Carson. Artículo original: Under Capitalism, del 11 de septiembre de 2019. Traducción en español por Vince Cerberus. En un par de artículos anteriores, los escritores de C4SS, Frank Miroslav y Black Cat, argumentaron, respectivamente, que el principio frecuentemente declarado “no hay consumo ético bajo el capitalismo” es un “ cliché que detiene el pensamiento ” y,…
Sotto il Capitalismo?
Di Kevin Carson. Originale pubblicato l’undici settembre 2019 con il titolo “Under Capitalism”? Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Con due recenti articoli di altrettanti autori di C4SS, Frank Miroslav e Black Cat sostenevano, il primo, che dire “non c’è consumo etico nel capitalismo” è qualcosa che “spegne la mente”, mentre il secondo ribatteva che non esiste…
“Under Capitalism”?
In a couple of earlier pieces, C4SS writers Frank Miroslav and Black Cat argued, respectively, that the frequently stated principle “there is no ethical consumption under capitalism” is a “thought-stopping cliche,” and — in response — that “there really is no ethical (individual) consumption under capitalism.” As I read it, the disagreement between them is…
Who’s Confused About Capitalism?
A new Harvard poll shows 51 percent of Millennials do not support capitalism (compared to 42 percent who do). An older Reason-Rupe poll found “socialism” beat “capitalism” in popularity 58 to 56%, but the “free market” was overwhelmingly more popular than a “government-managed economy.” The spin-meisters are quick to frame this as Millennial confusion about…
Once Again, a Tired Pro-Capitalist Argument Rears Its Stupid Head
As if Thomas Sowell weren’t sufficient to demonstrate the intellectual bankruptcy of pro-capitalist apologetics, we now have corporate apologists trolling the #ResistCapitalism hashtag on Twitter. Although most of the people using it today seem to think it’s an original piece of wit they just came up with on their own, the “Lookit them tweeting #ResistCapitalism…
Paul Mason and His Critics (Such As They Are)
In a preview article at The Guardian last July for his new book Post-Capitalism (“The end of capitalism has begun,” July 17), Paul Mason — following a path previously trodden by John Holloway and by Toni Negri and Michael Hardt — argued that the emergence of a successor system to capitalism would resemble not so…
Education: Guaranteeing Access Isn’t Enough
In a recent email, a professor of sociology expressed some skepticism about what she regarded as over-enthusiastic treatment of the possibilities for new education models in a stateless society. Among other things, she questioned the apparent claim that new media, online courses and free lectures would “save the education system” or provide access to education….
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