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Autonomy for the Students of PSU on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Joe Szymanski‘s “Autonomy for the Students of PSU” read and edited by Tony Dreher. Although this topic has been simmering beneath the surface on campuses nationwide for some time, ever since the Ferguson protests, police militarization has become a headline even for mainstream media outlets. Reports have been going around about…
Autonomy for the Students of PSU
Many consider Portland, Oregon to be a liberal, hipster paradise where anything organic is not far from reach and everyone loves each other. So naturally, Portland’s largest school, Portland State University (PSU), a setting where students roam free in an urban location, must fit the description. But recent events that have unfolded in the past…
Debt Forgiveness: End the Student Loan Industrial Complex on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents James C. Wilson‘s “Debt Forgiveness: End the Student Loan Industrial Complex” read by Mike Godzina and edited by Nick Ford. The student debt crisis is not limited to students in for-profit schools, but state institutions as well. Federal Student loans have the problem of being one size fits all. In a…
Education: Guaranteeing Access Isn’t Enough
In a recent email, a professor of sociology expressed some skepticism about what she regarded as over-enthusiastic treatment of the possibilities for new education models in a stateless society. Among other things, she questioned the apparent claim that new media, online courses and free lectures would “save the education system” or provide access to education….
Clinton’s College Plan: Reinventing a Very Old Wheel
In the farcical, technocratic future society of Vonnegut’s Player Piano, you have to have at least a bachelor’s degree to do even the most menial service jobs — of which there aren’t a lot left. The great majority of jobs have been automated out of existence, and the ranks of the still employed are dominated…
Debt Forgiveness: End the Student Loan Industrial Complex
On April 15th, the Department of Education stated it is “working on a process to help federal student loan borrowers submit a defense to repayment of their federal student loans.” The statement came with a press release announcing that the federal government will fine Corinthian Colleges $29.6 million for lying to students about its jobs…
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