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Yet Another Attack on Libertarianism by Lynn Stuart Parramore: Part Two
This is the second part of my two part series on Lynn Stuart Parramore’s recent article titled How Piketty’s Bombshell Book Blew Up Libertarian Fantasies. Let’s get started. She writes: By 1987, Ayn Rand acolyte Alan Greenspan had taken over as head of the Federal Reserve, and free market fever was unleashed upon America. Alan…
Por qué Bitcoin les hace Temblar de Miedo
Alan Greenspan, el señor que como presidente de la Reserva Federal infló el dólar un 77,5%, nos dice que “[Bitcoin] es una burbuja”. Greenspan afirma que “se requiere un verdadero esfuerzo imaginativo para inferir en donde reside el valor intrínseco de Bitcoin. No he sido capaz de hacerlo”. Sin embargo, Greenspan de alguna manera se…
Why They Really Fear Bitcoin
“[Bitcoin]’s a bubble,” asserts Alan Greenspan — who, as chair of the US Federal Reserve, oversaw a 77.5% inflation of the US dollar. Greenspan asserts that “you have to really stretch your imagination to infer what the intrinsic value of Bitcoin is. I haven’t been able to do it.” Somehow, however, he can stretch his…
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