The Weekly Libertarian Leftist And Chess Review 33

Renee Parsons discusses the U.S. aiding of Syrian rebels.

Nicola Nasser discusses the fake revolutionary character of the Syrian opposition.

Uri Avnery discusses the stewing of Israelis and Palestinians in their own juices.

John Laforge discusses remembering Memorial Day.

Jim Miles reviews The Idea of Israel-A History of Power and Knowledge.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses a military coup in Thailand.

Radley Balko discusses the criminalization of poverty.

Joel Whitney reviews No Place to Hide by Glenn Greenwald.

Seumas Milne discusses how coups and terror are the product of NATO’S war in Libya.

Jacob Sullum discusses fake rights, but the editor would like to note that this doesn’t mean the social issues raised are not important.

Kelly Vlahos discusses a Memorial Day nightmare.

Brink Lindsey discusses what Thomas Piketty gets wrong about capitalism.

Grant Mincy discusses the abolition of slavery as a triumph for liberty.

Kevin Carson discusses class, “identity politics”, and stigmergy.

Steve Breyman discusses Anne-Marie Slaughter’s penchant for war.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses statist patriotism vs libertarian patriotism. I don’t agree with the theistic focus though.

Clancy Sigal discusses Memorial Day and wars.

Jacob G. Hornberger discusses World War 2.

Patrick Cockburn discusses the coup in Libya.

Anne Applebaum discusses why there wasn’t a good war in Warsaw.

Wendy McElroy discusses the framing of the debate on World War 2.

Justice Frank Murphy discusses the Yamashita V. Styer case. He dissents from the majority.

Robert Higgs discusses World War 2 and the military-industrial-congressional complex.

Sheldon Richman discusses the consequences of World War 2.

Simon Jenkins discusses the bombing of Dresden.

Anthony Gregory discusses whether World War 2 was necessary or not.

Gregory Bresiger discusses the road to the permanent warfare state.

Richard M. Ebeling discusses the causes and consequences of World War 2.

Alexey Shirov defeats Veselin Topalov.

Alexey Shirov beats Teimour Radjabov.

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