The Weekly Libertarian Leftist And Chess Review 10

Enjoy review 10!

William Pfaff discusses how history will remember Obama

Elizabeth Goiten discusses “good guys” and “bad guys” in the War on Terror.

Bruce A. Dixon discusses how Obama won a court case to keep sentencing disparities intact.

Chris Floyd discusses the murderous character of the American system.

Chris Floyd discusses the NSA spying scandal.

Scott Anderson reviews America’s Great Game.

Chris Floyd discusses the chemical weapons attack in Syria.

Robert Fatina discusses the status of forces agreement with Afghanistan.

Jacob Hornberger argues for a lifting of the Cuban embargo.

Nitin Rao discusses the criminalization of gay sex in India.

Dmitry Minin discusses the Jihadi warriors of Syria.

Arthur Silber discusses problems with Glenn Greenwald on whistleblowing.

Corey Robin defends campus activism and BDS.

Logan Yershov discusses the problems with assassination markets.

Arthur Silber discusses leaking.

Arthur Silber discusses the doctrine of exceptionalism.

Trevor Huitner discusses school shootings and thought crimes.

Christy Thornton discusses NYU grad student unionization.

Patrick Cockburn discusses the bankruptcy of the West’s Syrian policy.

Ann Jones discusses ROTC and child soldiers.

Hayes Brown discusses 5 surprising places that the U.S. military operates.

David Swanson discusses fighting for peace.

Tony Newman discusses the top ten Drug War stories of 2013.

Joshua Holland discusses the massive U.S. prison population.

Sheldon Richman asks whether Obama really wants an agreement with Iran or not.

Dr. Cesar Chelala discusses stopping Iran’s human rights abuses.

Patrick Cockburn discusses the humanitarian emergency in Syria.

Lucy Steigerwald discusses this year’s bad cops.

John Watson reviews My System and Blockade. Both of which are by the famous Russian player, Aron Nimzowitsch.

Chess Cafe offers its annual “year in review” for 2013.


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