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On Work Abolition: Rejecting the Alien Hermeneutics of the Oppressor
Advocating work abolition, I encounter one specific objection very often. “Work,” they say, does not refer to, nor imply, coerced labour. An authoritarian Marxist I recently encountered made the claim that to speak of work abolition is the language of “empty” radicalism. They went on to claim that such “empty” radical language is confined to…
Empregos de Mentira e o Fim do Trabalho (Como o Conhecemos)
Artigo original: Bullshit Jobs and the End of Work (As We Know It), de Logan Marie Glitterbomb. Traduzido para o Português por Gabriel Serpa. Pouco mais de cem anos desde que anarquistas, socialistas, comunistas, libertários e sindicalistas radicais venceram a longa, árdua e sangrenta batalha pela jornada de trabalho de oito horas, nos Estados Unidos,…
Bullshit Jobs and the End of Work (As We Know It)
A little over 100 years since anarchists, socialists, communists, libertarians, and radical unionists in the so-called united states successfully won the long, difficult, and bloody battle for the eight hour workday, we are still overworked and underpaid despite technological advancements necessitating less and less labor to maintain the same quality of life. To quote Bertrand…
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