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Anti-Gun? Check Your Privilege
Those against firearm ownership often lead their objections with a distaste for over-enthusiastic attitudes about guns that they say verges on cult-like worship. The claim is also made that these attitudes encourage a needlessly violent approach toward conflicts that have alternative resolutions. At most, those passionately opposed to gun ownership may allow an exception for…
The Oath Keepers’ Colonial Mindset
Oath Keeper presence in Ferguson has been an issue boiling beneath the surface since the 2014 riots. Members began showing up when community hostility spilled over into the streets; Oath Keepers appointed themselves protectors of Ferguson property from looters. Reception was mixed, but some members of the community welcomed them and allowed them to patrol their storefronts.
Alla Sinistra Statalista non Importa Nulla dei Neri
Mercoledì 17 giugno, un uomo armato ha ucciso nove membri della Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, storica chiesa nera di Charleston, nella Carolina del Sud. Dopo esser rimasto seduto in chiesa per quindici minuti, l’uomo ha urlato epiteti razzisti e poi ha aperto il fuoco. Dopo questo crimine così evidente, rivolto contro i neri in…
The Statist Left Doesn’t Care About Black People
On Wednesday, June 17th, a shooter murdered nine members of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, a historically Black church in Charleston, South Carolina. After sitting in church for about an hour, the gunman made racist comments before opening fire. After what was clearly a crime directed toward Black people because of their race, President Barack…
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