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I Am “Bread-Pilled” by Kropotkin’s Vision of Social Utopia
I just finished reading The Conquest of Bread by the Russian anarchist Peter Kropotkin (1842-1921). The book inspired Catalonia syndicalists in the Spanish Civil War, Magonism in Mexico, and the Occupy movement but still… I wasn’t expecting anything, I thought I’d be very bored because the book was written in 1892, I was sure it…
“Economia Verde?” Não Somos Verdes o Bastante para Comprá-la
Carson: Hora de decidir, Capitalismo “Verde” ou Economia de Solidariedade? Você não deveria ter de pensar muito.
“Green Economy?” We’re Not Green Enough to Buy It
Carson: Time to decide, “Green” Capitalism or Solidarity Economy? You shouldn’t have to think about it long.
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