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Nazismo Nicotinico
Il grande H. L. Mencken definì il puritanesimo “la paura oppressiva che qualcuno da qualche parte si stia divertendo.” Io non vado nella New York di Michael Bloomberg da più di un decennio, ma se dovessi mai atterrare domani all’aeroporto LaGuardia non mi sorprenderei se ad accogliermi ci fossero poliziotti usciti dal quadro di Tompkins…
Nicotine Nazism: It’s Not About Health, It’s About Money and Control
The late, great HL Mencken defined puritanism as “the haunting fear that someone, somewhere is having a good time.” I haven’t visited Michael Bloomberg’s New York City in more than a decade, but if I landed at LaGuardia tomorrow, I’d half expect to be greeted by officials right out of Tompkins Harrison Matteson’s painting “Trial…
Hey FDA, Mind Your Own Business
One of the first things I learned in my health care career is that pain is an inherently subjective experience. Different people experience different levels of pain in different situations, and everyone has their own idiosyncratic problem areas — one can’t bear dental pain while another finds back injuries unbearable. Because of this fact, backed…
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