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Say the Words, Nick. SAY THE WORDS!!
At Reason, Nick Gillespie (“How to Build a Better Epi-Pen — or Something Totally Different That’s Much Better,” Sept. 4) argues — correctly — that Mylan’s EpiPen price-gouging is enabled by government regulations. He cites fellow Reason writer Scott Shackelford’s earlier article (“Want to Reduce the Price of Epipens? Approve Some Competition!” Aug. 25) showing…
There Will Be Markets: The Darkening of Prescription Meds
Few reading this will find it in anyway a novel insight that the Drug War has always been about control. The elimination of drugs was a useful narrative, but it’s one which has fallen into disfavor. As we learn what little threat these banned chemicals pose, all that is left is the gripping fist of…
Mutuo Soccorso Contro lo Stato
Sono quasi dieci anni che in Messico si combatte una guerra. La miscela composta da leggi antidroga e diffusione della droga in America ha promosso la nascita di cartelli fuorilegge che, come le bande dell’era proibizionista, usano la violenza per imporre il loro controllo sul traffico di droga. Nel 2006 la situazione fu esacerbata dalla…
Self-Help Against The State
A war has been raging in Mexico for almost ten years now. The nexus of American drug laws and Americans’ drug use has spawned outlaw cartels who, like the Prohibition-era Mob, use violence to enforce their control of the drug trade. In 2006, the situation was exacerbated when the government of then-president Felipe Calderon launched…
Hey FDA, Mind Your Own Business
One of the first things I learned in my health care career is that pain is an inherently subjective experience. Different people experience different levels of pain in different situations, and everyone has their own idiosyncratic problem areas — one can’t bear dental pain while another finds back injuries unbearable. Because of this fact, backed…
Daniel Hauser’s Run for the Border
C4SS News Analyst Thomas L. Knapp on a young man’s flight for his life from the statist medical monopoly.
Killing Us Softly
Thomas L. Knapp calls out the statist butchers for what they are.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory