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8 de septiembre de 2020
Por Jeff Popovich. Artículo original: 2020 September 8. Traducido al español por Camila Avila. Apuesta honesta desquiciada gana a la encuesta desquiciada programada deshonesto Desinformación aquí estoy yo desinformando siete sílabas desencajado del ritmo pero sé contar bien. Kayfabe (sabías que diría eso) decir la verdad en voz alta aunque vaya en contra de nuestra…
Biden ve Anarşizmin Şeytanlaştırılması
Okumak üzere olduğunuz makale, Eric Fleischmann tarafından kaleme alınmış ve Faruk Pak tarafından Türkçe ’ye çevrilmiştir. 25 Ağustos 2020 tarihinde “Biden and the Demonization of Anarchism” başlığı altında yayınlanmıştır. Bu yıl ülke çapında polis vahşetine karşı yürütülen protestolara yanıt olarak, Başkan Donald Trump birçok kez ‘Siyah Hayatlar Değerlidir’ hareketini anarşistler ve anarşizm ile ilişkilendirmeye çalıştı….
2020 September 8
Bet honest unhinged beats unhinged surveyed programmed disingenuous Disinformation here’s me disinforming me seven syllables unhinged from rhythm but I can count good. Kayfabe (you knew I’d say that) say the truth out loud though it goes against our faith (I’m talking to me) code-tapping on pipes insider wink, sacrifice negotiated unhinged from promise but…
No Empathy With Tyranny
I am happy the Trump regime is coming to an end. I am angry the Trump regime happened and isn’t over yet. There may be a path to redemption for most of Trump’s supporters and enablers, but they do not get to tell us how to respond to their choices. Asking for empathy without making…
Harm Reduction, Soapboxing, and Destructive Voting
As anarchists, we obviously reject representative democracy along with the state itself. As such, many anarchists advocate against voting in elections or even participating at all, seeing it as reinforcing and legitimizing the very system we’re fighting so hard to abolish. However, not all anarchists are against participating in the electoral process in the here…
Liberal Patriotism and the Trust Crisis That Isn’t
Pete Buttigieg is a fascinating figure. This isn’t to say that his policies or beliefs are unique, but his popularity among Democrats is something I’ve had a passive awareness of for the past year. This intrigues me, because I see very few things in Mayor Pete that make him stand out among other reformist liberals;…
Biden and the Demonization of Anarchism
This year, in response to nationwide protests against police brutality, President Donald Trump has repeatedly attempted to associate Black Lives Matter with anarchists and anarchism. He has tweeted such threatening posts as just the phrase “Anarchists, we see you!” with a video of a man dressed in black at one protest, and he has referred…
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