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No, a Soldier Cop on Every Corner Does Not Sound Great
Hot Air Weekend Editor Jazz Shaw believes that pointing out police militarization – not just in Ferguson, Missouri but everywhere – is “a rather rapid rush to judgment and lacking in larger context.” He is flabbergasted that “one local disturbance has turned into a national demand to defang the police.” And he wants everyone to…
Let Chaos Reign in Ferguson
This week, as a result of the murder of Michael Brown by cop occupiers, the suburb of Ferguson saw a confrontation between the citizens of and the police who claim the right of ruler over them. It wasn’t long before this breakdown in the police’s order led to looting and other acts of unfocused violence…
Ferguson 187: Comment Copy/Paste
The occasion is a CNN Money story relating that Anonymous has divulged name and photo of someone they allege is the Ferguson killer cop (the dominant area street gang, which calls itself the “St. Louis County Metropolitan Police Department,” denies the ID — here’s a more detailed story, including screen caps, etc. from before Twitter shut…
Police are Arresting Reporters, Seizing Cameras and Assaulting Protesters in Ferguson
Last night, police in Ferguson, MO were lobbing Super-Sock cartridges into the crowds gathered to protest the fatal shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown. Brown was shot eight times, witnesses say he had his hands in the air. He was shot several times in the back. A Super-Sock cartridge used in #Ferguson last night –…
Police Have Never Guaranteed Order
It’s over. As the evening started on Thursday (May 15), the Military Police of the State of Pernambuco, in Brazil decided to finish a strike that had lasted the whole day. Looting, depredations, disorder and murder all happened during the strike. Stores closed, people went home. “Arrastoes” (“draggings,” where large groups of people set off…
Missing Comma: the #myNYPD Anti-campaign is Not a PR Failure
What happens when the New York Police Department – famous for its racial profiling, Stop and Frisk, spying on Muslims, ripping people’s testicles out and beating up and groping protesters – tries to use Twitter to improve its public relations image? Well, people who have been stop-and-frisked, racially profiled, spied on, beat up and groped…
Resist, Resist, Resist
Freedom and the right to self-defense won a great victory in Texas on Thursday, February 6. Burleson County prosecutor Julie Renken vindictively sought to cage marijuana farmer Henry Goedrich Magee for murder after the fatal shooting of  Adam Sowders, who invaded Magee’s home in the middle of the night to steal his crops and his firearms. Because Sowders…
Pietre dagli Agenti del Bene, Polemiche dal Pubblico
Glenn Broadnax, di Brooklyn, New York, soffriva di ansia e depressione. Secondo i documenti recentemente resi pubblici dal tribunale, il pomeriggio del 14 settembre stava “parlando con i suoi parenti morti che erano nella sua testa”, una cosa che lo spingeva a “buttarsi davanti alle auto per uccidersi”. Poiché intralciava il traffico, arrivò la polizia….
I Migliori in Città: Armati, Brutali e Codardi
Martedì a Santa Rosa, in California, due dei “migliori” uomini della città si sono accovacciati dietro lo sportello di una macchina e hanno sparato a morte un bambino di tredici anni che aveva una pistola giocattolo. Il bambino, Andy Lopez Cruz, stava camminando per la strada con una pistola giocattolo di plastica quando i due…
Against the Police
They don’t create oppression; they just make it possible What I’m about to say may surprise you, but I assure you it’s the honest truth: in my personal experience, cops are overwhelmingly decent folks. They almost always conduct themselves “professionally” and have generally treated me with respect. I’m not saying stories of law enforcement abuse haven’t…
Without The State, Who Will Falsely Imprison Teenagers?
On the night of May 14, 2010 16-year-old Bronx resident Kalief Browder was walking home from a party. He was stopped by police and “identified” by a stranger as a robber. Despite the lack of any evidence whatsoever, Browder was put in prison where he remained for three years. He missed the birth of his cousin,…
Radley Balko: “Why We Need To Stop Exaggerating The Threat To Cops”
Balko: “…constantly telling cops how dangerous their jobs are is affecting their mindset. It reinforces the soldier mentality already relentlessly drummed into cops’ heads by politicians’ habit of declaring ‘war’ on things.”
CITIZEN SAFETY ALERT: You Have The Right To Go Home To Your Family Too
At his blog Pro Libertate, William Norman Grigg recently weighed the pros and cons of resisting arrest. His somber conclusion: “Resistance may be dangerous, but submission is frequently fatal.” The topic of resisting arrest is familiar territory for Grigg. He regularly explores the legal evolution of resisting, as well as the reasons people may feel…
Control Your Local Police
While reflecting on recent episodes of police misconduct in my community and beyond, I began to think about how much law enforcement agencies resemble the Catholic Church. And no, this is not a pre-St. Patrick’s day Irish joke. Consider the following: The Church and police departments have both become safe havens for criminal abusers of authority….
Christopher Dorner and the Chaos Inherent to Government
Jason Lee Byas: These tragedies were not random flukes. They were a direct result of political government, its monopoly on “legitimate” violence, and the psychology of entitlement bred by its authority.
A Libertarian Travels Through South America
Ross Kenyon’s observations of police powers, corruption, visas, customs, and duty-free shopping in the context of his recent trip to South America.
An Alarming Sign
Kevin Carson on American degeneration into a caste society.
The State is Illegal By Its Own Standards
Kevin Carson on the internal contradictions of statism.
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Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
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