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Più Umano degli Umani
Di Adam Clear. Originale pubblicato il 14 aprile 2020 con il titolo More Human Than Human. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Il concetto di persona giuridica separato dalla persona fisica è vecchio di secoli. Dalle vecchie corporazioni alle aziende attuali, individui e collettività hanno sempre sentito il bisogno di preservare la capacità delle loro istituzioni di…
More Human Than Human
The concept of legal personhood as separate from natural personhood stretches back centuries. From collegia to modern day corporations, collectives of individuals have found the need to protect their institution’s ability to conduct business and maintain continuity as membership comes and goes. While the convenience of this abstraction eases the complications of liability, continuity, and…
A Cop, a Dog, and a Computer Walk into a Bar: Personhood & Moral Subjectivity
I’m mostly writing about morality because I would very much like to stop writing about morality. I say this because morality is, ultimately, a social construct — which isn’t to say that it’s nothing, but is to say that it’s malleable. It’s a feeling. You can’t whip out a morality-o-meter and measure morality. Even further,…
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