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A Cop, a Dog, and a Computer Walk into a Bar: Personhood & Moral Subjectivity
I’m mostly writing about morality because I would very much like to stop writing about morality. I say this because morality is, ultimately, a social construct — which isn’t to say that it’s nothing, but is to say that it’s malleable. It’s a feeling. You can’t whip out a morality-o-meter and measure morality. Even further,…
L’ultimo Chiuda la Porta
Hayek nell’era informatica Di Jocheved Matt. Originale pubblicato il 26 giugno 2018 con il titolo The Last Person in the Room Must Close the Door. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Capita a volte che mentre si entra in classe per una lezione di informatica qualcuno dica: “L’ultimo chiuda la porta.” La frase, apparentemente sensata, è un…
The Last Person in the Room Must Close the Door: Hayek in the Age of Computing
There is a common joke in computing circles to announce at the beginning of a course that “The last person in the room must close the door.” Though at first blush the request seems reasonable, this is an example of an uncomputable function. The last person to enter the room has no way of knowing…
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