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Centrifugal Tendencies in Information & Wealth
I’m a big fan of Aurora and hope that her contribution to this symposium helps encourage more anarchists to engage fearlessly with the mathematical dynamics of an anarchist society. But I must admit my disappointment, I was hoping her contribution would seriously engage with the arguments for markets and either present a novel alternative or…
Logiche Postmoderne in Azienda
Di Rai Ling. Originale pubblicato il 23 settembre 2019 con il titolo Postmodern Discourse in the Corporate Boardroom. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Ad un recente incontro d’affari ho capito come le gerarchie aziendali portino spesso a distorsioni della realtà e ad una concorrenza a somma negativa. Come analista, elaboro “quadri operativi” che forniscano istruzioni attendibili…
Postmodern Discourse in the Corporate Boardroom
During a recent business meeting, I noticed some ways in which corporate hierarchy leads to negative sum competition and distortions of reality. At my current job in data analytics, I build live business “dashboards” to provide actionable insights to upper management; this includes working with different departments to create new data pipelines and ensure the…
A Cop, a Dog, and a Computer Walk into a Bar: Personhood & Moral Subjectivity
I’m mostly writing about morality because I would very much like to stop writing about morality. I say this because morality is, ultimately, a social construct — which isn’t to say that it’s nothing, but is to say that it’s malleable. It’s a feeling. You can’t whip out a morality-o-meter and measure morality. Even further,…
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory