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National Review Unironically Attacks Racists
The rise of Donald Trump has led to a growing interest in what is generally called the “alternative right” in the United States — a group that could be more simply labeled “literate racists.” The “alt-right” resembles the French New Right and the German conservative revolutionaries in that they are not obsessed with corporate welfare,…
Smashing the State for Fun and Profit Since 1969
Smashing the State for Fun and Profit Since 1969 An Interview With the Libertarian Icon Samuel Edward Konkin III (a.k.a. SEK3) (originally published at spaz.org) Samuel Edward Konkin III (SEK3), author of the “New Libertarian Manifesto” coined the term “agorism” to describe his ideology.  Although very similar to anarcho-capitalism, unlike anarcho-capitalism it opposes intellectual property. …
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Fighting Fascism
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The Anatomy of Escape
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