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Laurance Labadie’s “Anarchism Applied to Economics”
Anarchism Applied to Economics Value is the exchange equivalency of something measured in terms of another thing. The fundamental quality upon which value depends is utility in satisfying desire. In economics, utility doesn’t mean the ‘real’ or ‘actual’ ability of a thing to accomplish or assist in accomplishing a result, but means the human estimate…
An Anarchist Take on Antitrust Laws: Dangers and Possibilities
Monopolies are pretty much universally bad. This perhaps one of the most uncontroversial position amongst anarchists, who principally define themselves in opposition to the state, which Max Weber, in “Politics as Vocation,” defines as the monopoly on force and the approval of the use of force in a geographic area. Benjamin Tucker, the great U.S….
Micro Monopolies: When Exit Fails
Although monopolies typically evoke images of large corporations and governments, the concept of monopoly power is relative. That is, even a small entity can benefit at the expense of others depending on how individuals relate to it and the power it holds over them. Having numerous choices does not matter if an individual only cares…
Tucker, i Quattro Regimi di Proprietà e lo Spirito del Capitalismo
Di Asem. Originale pubblicato il 13 aprile 2020 con il titolo Benjamin Tucker’s Four Property Regimes and the Spirit of Capitalism. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Molte discussioni sull’economia politica sono reazioni a problemi attuali: aumentare o abbassare le tasse, come imporre le leggi sul lavoro, e questioni simili di centrodestra o centrosinistra, con tutto un…
Benjamin Tucker’s Four Property Regimes and the Spirit of Capitalism
Most political economy discussions are about crafting contemporary policy responses, such as increasing or lowering tax rates, setting regulatory bodies to enforce labor laws, and other similar center-left and center-right electoral issues, with a class of think tank staffers and media pundits arguing back and forth. In this discussion almost all political fundamentals are agreed…
Gli Utili Idioti della “Piena Occupazione”
[Di Chris Shaw. Originale pubblicato su Center for a Stateless Society il 18 febbraio 2017 con il titolo “Full Employment” Useful Idiots. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna.] L’economia moderna gira in tondo. L’aumento della produttività non riesce a stare dietro all’inflazione dei salari ed è stagnante, soprattutto in Gran Bretagna. La richiesta di lavoratori si concentra…
“Full Employment” Useful Idiots
The modern economy is stuck in a major rut. Productivity gains have not matched wage inflation, and productivity itself is relatively stagnant, particularly in the UK. Job provision is being increasingly concentrated in low-pay sectors, with temporary work and part-time contracts creating a modern precariat of working class individuals, students and other members of a…
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