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No, Capitalism Isn’t Making Us All Richer and Richer
If you frequent mainstream right-libertarian publications on anything like a regular basis, you’ve probably seen more than one of those breathless articles about how capitalism is making the ordinary poor person richer than a medieval king. For example Calvin Beisner: “No matter how rich you might have been” 150 years ago, “You could not have…
How Rothbardians Occupy Part of the Occupancy and Use Spectrum
How Rothbardians Occupy Part of the Occupancy-and-Use Spectrum Jason Byas’s Response to Kevin Carson Are We All Mutualists Now? Maybe: Lockeanism as Occupancy & Use The first thing to say in response to Kevin Carson’s opening essay is that he’s largely right. As this exchange’s representative Rothbardian, I agree with his suggestion that the differences…
Georgist Occupancy with Rent
Georgist Occupancy with Rent Community Rent Results in Fair and Optimal Use If a person has title to land, and pays its economic rent to the relevant community, then that person is, in effect, occupying the land. The economic rent is what a competitive tenant bids for the best use of the land. Suppose a…
Use-and-Occupancy: Practical Issues
Use-and-Occupancy: Practical Issues Robert Kirchner’s Response to Kevin Carson I have no desire to exchange ‘salvos’ with anybody, least of all Kevin Carson, whose work I greatly admire, who has greatly helped me to clarify my own thought on a range of economic and political issues, and who has strengthened my hope in anarchist strategies…
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