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Kelly Wright On Trans Liberation
Longtime C4SS contributor and activist Kelly Wright was recently interviewed by Aaron Ross Powell on (Re)Imagining Liberty about trans myths, trans identities, and trans rights; about the increase in the amount of openly transgender people and the reactionary political-cultural backlash; about the connections between gender affirming care, social acceptance, and suicide rates; and about the…
C4SS Writer Kelly Wright Needs Our Support!
Hey everyone, thanks for all the ways in which you’ve supported our team and our writers over the years. Mutual aid is the foundational principle behind much of what we do, and it’s encouraging to see how far such a simple concept can take us. Supporting each other through good or ill, we’re stronger together…
Mutual Exchange Radio: Kelly Wright on Grand Juries and How the State Attempts to Control Information
You can now subscribe to Mutual Exchange Radio on iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify, and SoundCloud.   Today we are joined by Kelly Wright. Kelly has written for the Center on topics ranging from the history of anarchist thought, transgender liberation, and police militarization. Kelly also served as Chelsea Manning’s Campaign Manager for her run for U.S….
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