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Due Parole da un Detenuto Anarchico
Di Duane Fuller. Originale: Commentary from an Anarchist Prisoner, del 18 gennaio 2022. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Sono un detenuto anarchico e posso confermare quello che si dice spesso, che si può capire molto di una società guardando le sue prigioni. Guardate i suoi dongioni e ci vedrete, in forma concentrata, come in un microcosmo,…
Commentary from An Anarchist Prisoner
As an anarchist prisoner, it has been said many times that one can learn a great deal about society by looking towards its prisons. Look towards its dungeons and there you will see in concentrated and microcosmic form the sickness of the entire system. And today there is something that is particularly revealing about the…
Advice for Surviving and Thriving in Lock Up
Since the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, a number of protesters and rioters of the dumpster-fire and ski-mask variety have found themselves detained for noble acts that change the world– like toppling statues of racists or torching cop cars or inflicting necessary violence. No good deed, it seems, goes unpunished. But, many of these…
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