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Minacce alla Sicurezza: L’industria delle bande
Di Sean Swain. Originale: Security Threat Groups: The Industry of Gangs, del 12 aprile 2021. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Dall’originale trasmesso sul Final Straw Radio Show e pubblicato su It’s Going Down. Sostenete Sean Swain contattando i membri del consiglio sulla libertà vigilata e chiedendo la clemenza — link — e/o donate tramite GoFundMe—link. Nelle…
Security Threat Groups: The Industry Of Gangs
In Ohio prisons, pretty much everyone is in a gang whether they’re in a gang or not. If you’re an Ohio prisoner and you’re not in a gang, prison administrators will put you in one. And if there’s no gang for you, they’ll just create a new one. The reason is, it’s a federal bloc…
Advice for Surviving and Thriving in Lock Up
Since the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, a number of protesters and rioters of the dumpster-fire and ski-mask variety have found themselves detained for noble acts that change the world– like toppling statues of racists or torching cop cars or inflicting necessary violence. No good deed, it seems, goes unpunished. But, many of these…
The Workers Big Labor Forgot
With the passing of “Labor Day” earlier this month it’s useful to reflect upon its origins and the state of the labor movement as it stands today. First celebrated on Sept. 5, 1882 in New York City by members of the Central Labor Union, a branch of the Noble Order of the Knights of Labor…
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The Anatomy of Escape
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