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Our Bodies, Their Subsidies
In “Invitation to a Dialogue: Alternative Therapies” (New York Times, May 14), Dr. James S. Gordon writes: “Many economists believe that health care costs will continue to rise. Even more distressing, the Affordable Care Act will likely reinforce current practice, which dictates surgical and pharmacological interventions that can be expensive, inappropriate, burdened by side effects and, often,…
Reviving the Lodge Model
[Note: This piece was originally written as a letter to the editor of the New York Times in reply to its “Invitation to a Dialogue” on alternative therapies.] As Dr. Gordon notes, legislation ostensibly aimed at increasing the affordability of health care has had the effects of locking in a status quo of needlessly high levels of costly treatment required…
The Weekly Abolitionist: Prison Healthcare and Structural Neglect
Robert Johannes, a 73 year old man, is currently incarcerated in Michigan. His attorney, Daniel E. Manville, contends that inadequate access to dental care has left Johannes missing teeth for extended periods of time and unable to eat. As Michigan Live reported, “The lawsuit claims that Johannes has had several teeth removed, including three bicuspids and…
“Working Three Jobs to Make Ends Meet? This Might be Why” on C4SS Media
C4SS Media presents Kevin Carson‘s “Working Three Jobs to Make Ends Meet? This Might be Why” read by James Tuttle and edited by Nick Ford. The state, the giant corporation, and large institutions of all other kinds are part of an interlocking culture designed to extract as much money from us as possible while delivering as little as…
Working Three Jobs to Make Ends Meet? This Might be Why
The US Center for Medicare Services recently published a database of physician Medicare billing histories. One interesting bit of information from data release is the fact that a leading source of expenditures for big billers is drugs. As it turns out, Medicare incentivizes physicians to choose the most expensive drugs by reimbursing them for the…
When Basic Services Are Guaranteed As A “Right”
Recently Ezra Klein pointed out (“What liberals get wrong about single payer,” Washington Post, January 13) that single-payer healthcare wouldn’t solve the problem of America having the most expensive healthcare system in the world. American health insurance premiums aren’t so high because of the overhead cost or profit of insurance companies, but because of the…
Banning “Substandard” Products
As the White House struggles to rouse itself from its self-induced ObamaCare public relations nightmare, the primary excuse — at least regarding the canceled health insurance portion of the fiasco — has been to claim that the relevant policies were “substandard” and, therefore, harmful to individual consumers. Ergo, the “substandard” plans needed to be abolished…
Love Me, I’m A Liberal
Nothing like starting out your day with a laugh — and today I have Matthew Lynch (“12 Reasons Why Obama is One of the Greatest Presidents Ever,” Huffington Post, November 15) to thank for it. About half of Lynch’s points boil down to, “Obama is for x, because he makes speeches talking about x all…
Toward Just Healthcare
An October 20-22, 2013, Fox News national poll revealed that the implementation of ObamaCare (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) by the American state has been so chaotic that 60% of registered voters characterize the process as “a joke.” The economic reasons for the incompetence are well known by libertarians familiar with the Austrian tradition…
A Máquina Paliativa: Monopólio Médico Sob Corporação-Estado
O sistema de medicina dos Estados Unidos é corrupto, ineficaz e desnecessariamente caro. Esses resultados decorrem da violência do estado em favor da elite politicamente bem relacionada (especificamente seguradoras privadas, médicos, empresas farmacêuticas e de equipamento médico). Escassez artificial, superfaturamento, má alocação de financiamento de pesquisa e supressão de terapias alternativas (não patenteáveis) podem ser…
The Palliative Machine: Medical Monopoly Under the Corporation-State
The American medical system is corrupt, ineffective and unnecessarily costly. These outcomes are due to state violence on behalf of the politically connected elite (namely private insurers, physicians, pharmaceutical and medical device companies). Artificial scarcity, price-gouging, misallocation of research funding and the suppression of alternative (non-patentable) therapies can be ameliorated
Health Care: When Krugman is Right …
Knapp: “Privatization” is one of those Humpty Dumpty words that means just what the political class chooses it to mean, neither more nor less.
Contradições Letais: Privilégios de Patente versus “Salvar Vidas”
Embora os políticos prometam repetidamente proteger a saúde pública, de há muito eles usam poder coercitivo para aumentar os custos médicos, sacrificando a saúde pública em benefício de lucros privados.
Deadly Contradictions: Patent Privilege vs. “Saving Lives”
Nathan Goodman: While politicians repeatedly promise to protect public health, they have long used coercive power to raise medical costs, sacrificing public health for private profits.
Open-Source Healthcare
Kevin Carson: The healthcare industry is a textbook example of what Ivan Illich (in Tools for Conviviality) called a “radical monopoly.”
Sanidad Universal no es Sanidad Estatal (comentario)
Pero espero que te des cuenta de que no todo el mundo que está a favor de la sanidad universal apoya la sanidad estatal, y no todo el mundo que está en contra de la sanidad estatal se opone a la sanidad universal.
Universal Healthcare Does Not Mean Government Healthcare
I hope that you realize that not everyone who supports universal healthcare supports government healthcare, and not everyone who opposes government healthcare opposes universal healthcare.
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Los mitos de La Creación y La Salvación por Barack Obama
Thomas L. Knapp ataca la noción de que el gobierno “crea” y “salva” puestos de trabajo.
O Debate Fabricado Acerca do Obamacare
Carson: Cara eles ganham, coroa você perde.
Anarchy and Democracy
Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
Organization Theory