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The Gendered Impact of Central Banking
‘Women still suffer gender pension gap’ is the title of the article published by the Financial Times (whose subtitle is that “In developed and developing countries, the risk of old age poverty falls disproportionately on females”). This is an unsurprising finding when we consider that the gender pay gap largely persists more broadly and so…
Lego and the Building Blocks of Patriarchy
The Lego corporation, popular producer of interlocking miniature toy bricks, has recently been making increased efforts to market its toys to girls. Some of these efforts have met with criticism from feminists, who worry about toys that are stereotypically “girly” in a way that reinforces traditional gender roles. In a recent piece titled “Un-PC Lego…
Why Gender Roles are Unlibertarian
I recently watched Elysium. And in it, like a lot of Hollywood movies, a strong, heroic man saved a helpless woman and child. And as a feminist I felt irritated. But as a woman I felt something else. I realized I saw the appeal in being saved by a strong, heroic man. Those same cultural…
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