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Gender Anarchism: Tearing Down the Gender Hierarchy
The Anarcha-Genderist Manifesto The gender hierarchy is a pervasive system of social control across times and cultures. Like other unjust hierarchies perpetuated by state and nation, this system of social control has dramatically restricted the acceptable range of human expression and behavior. To look around and see the current state of gender relations — places…
The Attacks on Trans Children
Politicians in several states, notably including Arkansas, North Carolina, and Texas, have introduced new laws to attack trans children. In Arkansas, they’ve already passed several of these laws. It’s hard to keep up with each new bill. As of mid-April 2021, much of the attention focuses on sports and the NCAA’s responses, but some of…
Queerness Is Not Collectivist, Reactionaries Are Not Individualists
In case it wasn’t already implied by the title, I’m arguably a follower of the “transgender ideology.” I prefer the term “non- binary” instead of “trans,” but I’m part of the community and I do adhere to the “ideology” of validating peoples’ gender identities by using their preferred pronouns. Much like a fair number of…
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