The Attacks on Trans Children

Politicians in several states, notably including Arkansas, North Carolina, and Texas, have introduced new laws to attack trans children. In Arkansas, they’ve already passed several of these laws.

It’s hard to keep up with each new bill.

As of mid-April 2021, much of the attention focuses on sports and the NCAA’s responses, but some of these bills would criminalize trans-related health care for children and adults up to 21 years old, separate trans children from supportive parents, if they assist with certain trans-related health care, and require teachers and therapists to out trans and/or gender-nonconforming children to potentially unsupportive parents. And now in Florida, add genital inspections to girls’ sports.

It’s probably safest to think that, if the public gives these power-mongers an inch, they will take a mile.

A policy not to prescribe hormones before 16 years is replaced with a law banning hormones or puberty blockers before 21 years.

A set of policies to try to ensure transitioners have therapy before starting hormones is replaced with a ban on affirming and other supportive therapy and a hostile environment everywhere.

It’s an open question how to best support trans and gender-questioning children with varying needs. And how to destroy patriarchy. But for liberty, equality, and personal and bodily autonomy, we must oppose these attacks.

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