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Bruciamo Bandiere per Chi?
Di Lucy Steigerwald. Originale pubblicato il 14 novembre 2017 con il titolo Who Are We Burning Flags For? Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Il 24 ottobre scorso un giudice ha archiviato l’accusa rivolta contro diversi manifestanti che l’anno scorso hanno bruciato la bandiera americana al congresso nazionale repubblicano. Tecnicamente, i manifestanti non sono stati accusati di…
Who Are We Burning Flags For?
On October 24 a judge dismissed the charges levied against several protesters who burned the American flag at the Republican National Convention last year. The protesters weren’t technically charged with burning the flag because that might constitute a violation of free speech. The protesters were charged with one of the state’s many items in its…
Burn a flag for Donald Trump
It seems silly to continue harping on the incoming tidal wave of fascism, but if there’s one thing C4SS – and the anarchist tradition in general – is good at, it’s making sure you don’t forget that we’re in for a long god damn ride. Earlier today, Trump tweeted that anyone who burns the American…
Punch a Hippie in the Face for Freedom
There are no enforceable laws against flag desecration in the United States. There have been no such laws for over twenty five years. But bring up flag burning and a lot of American nationalists — especially, it seems, political conservatives — will get pretty heated about their right to beat people up who express Patriotically…
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