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No hay activismo ético bajo el capitalismo: DAOs, DeFi y pureza ideológica
De Emmi Bevensee. Artículo original publicado 17 de setembre del 2021 con el título No Ethical Activism Under Capitalism: DAOs, DeFi, and Purity Politics. Traducido al español por Leo (Confoederatio Think Tank). Esta pieza fue co-autorada con Jahed Momand y Frank Miroslav. Dejen su pureza ideológica y presten atención a lo que ocurre más allá de…
No Ethical Activism Under Capitalism: DAOs, DeFi, and Purity Politics
Quit your purity politics and pay attention to things outside of your camp or else you’ll get wrecked by a changing world and miss meaningful opportunities.  As such, one space I’ve been paying attention to is that of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Despite the fact they often have relationships with Evil naughty bad boy things…
Per un Reddito di Base Universale Serve lo Stato?
Di Voltairine Linnell. Originale pubblicato il 2 ottobre 2017 con il titolo Does Universal Basic Income Require a State? Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Vishal Wilde si è recentemente espresso a favore di un reddito di base universale (RBU) sostenendo che promuoverebbe la libertà economica e la giustizia sociale. Certo la questione ha attirato libertari di…
Does Universal Basic Income Require a State?
Recently, Vishal Wilde advocated for a universal basic income (UBI) on the grounds that it promotes economic freedom and social justice. Indeed, UBI has long been attractive to libertarians of various stripes. However, this idea suffers from the problem that, to date, UBI proposals have generally relied on the state for a taxation and distribution…
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