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Agorismo, Mercato e Ambiente
Di Logan Marie Glitterbomb. Originale pubblicato il 19 aprile 2019 con il titolo Green Market Agorism. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Da quando è stato formulato per la prima volta da Samuel Edward Konkin III, l’agorismo ha fatto passi enormi. Grazie agli scritti di visionari come Karl Hess, Ross Ulbricht, Satoshi Nakamoto, Defense Distributed e Derrick…
Green Market Agorism
Agorist theory has been enriched a lot since Samuel Edward Konkin III introduced the initial theory. Through the writings and work of visionaries such as Karl Hess, Ross Ulbricht, Satoshi Nakamoto, Defense Distributed, and Derrick Broze, we have seen agorism grow and expand in ways never thought possible both intellectually and in practice. And the…
Against Reactive Liberty
“You call yourself free? Your dominant thought I want to hear, and not that you have escaped from a yoke. Are you one of those who had the right to escape from a yoke? There are some who threw away their last value when they threw away their servitude. Free from what? As if that mattered to Zarathustra! But…
Can’t Stop the Signal
Cody Wilson, a founder of Defense Distributed, is a name too often connected with the failures of corporate and government bureaucracy. For those not in the know Defense Distributed is a Texas non-profit that defends the so-called constitutional right to bear arms.  But once again this supposed “guarantee” will be abridged by another corporation. This…
Guns: Out of the Bottle, Like it or Not
I saw my first “homemade gun” when I was a kid. Older kids — teenagers — would save up the 4th of July fireworks known (for obvious reasons) as “bottle rockets” and play “war” with them: Stick the firework in a glass soda bottle (this was back when soda came in glass bottles that one…
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