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Essere “Altro”: Recensione di The Lie of 1652
Di Dawie Coetzee. Originale: “None of the Above”: A Book Review of The Lie of 1652 del 17 ottobre 2022. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. In Sudafrica le parole assumono un significato diverso. La sovrapposizione di particolari significati socio-politici, eredità del dispotismo razziale, ha oscurato, fino a perderlo del tutto, il significato ordinario con cui certe…
“None of the Above”: A Book Review of The Lie of 1652
Words have different meanings in South Africa. The overlay of specific socio-political senses arising out of a legacy of racial authoritarianism has so overshadowed the ordinary senses in which common words are used elsewhere in the world, that words are as good as lost. Thus location as denoting the “township,” the companion or shadow town…
The Struggle for Hawaiian Decolonization Erupts to Protect Maunakea
Over the past few weeks, the topic of indigenous self-determination and the decolonization of US-occupied lands has re-emerged, not only with the protests against neoliberal austerity in Puerto Rico, but also in less-covered protests by indigenous Hawaiians and allies on Maunakea. What’s occurring on Maunakea could very well be considered the next DAPL protest, as…
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