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Against Reactive Liberty
“You call yourself free? Your dominant thought I want to hear, and not that you have escaped from a yoke. Are you one of those who had the right to escape from a yoke? There are some who threw away their last value when they threw away their servitude. Free from what? As if that mattered to Zarathustra! But…
Dark Wallet: novas armas para velhas guerras
Como alguns devem saber, o projeto Dark Wallet foi liberado para o público no dia 1º de maio de 2014. A Dark Wallet é desenvolvida pelo UnSystem, uma organização que inclui, entre outros participantes notórios, Cody Wilson, famoso por desenvolver a primeira arma impressa em 3D no mundo, a Liberator. A Dark Wallet está em…
Dark Wallet: New Weapons for Old Wars
As some of you may be aware, the Dark Wallet project was released to the public May 1st, 2014. Dark Wallet is developed by UnSystem, an organisation that includes among other great minds, Cody Wilson. Wilson is (in)famous for developing the worlds first 3d printed gun, The Liberator. Dark Wallet is in its alpha stage of…
Dark Wallet and Entrepreneurial Anti-Capitalism
“Virtually everything about these people’s livelihoods, social organization, ideologies, and (more controversially) even their largely oral cultures, can be read as strategic positionings designed to keep the state at arm’s length. … The huge literature on state-making, contemporary and historic, pays virtually no attention to its obverse: the history of deliberate and reactive statelessness. This…
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Fighting Fascism
Markets Not Capitalism
The Anatomy of Escape
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