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Vivere con la Sorveglianza
Di Locusts and Wild Honey. Originale pubblicato l’otto gennaio 2023 con il titolo Living with Surveillance. Traduzione di Enrico Sanna. Grafica di Eric Fleischmann Tante chiacchiere qua e là tra i presunti antisociali che stanno nel cuore dell’impero: anarchici, gotici, cristiano-progressisti, disegnatori di tatuaggi, contadini utopici, studenti rivoluzionari. Vogliamo l’“anonimato” digitale o no? Ovvero, detto…
Living with Surveillance
Lots of chatter here and there amongst supposedly anti-social residents of the imperial core; anarchists, goths, progressive Christians, tattoo artists, idealistic farmers, student revolutionaries. Do we want digital “anonymity” or not? Or, less dramatically, should we have Instagram? Should we have Facebook? Should we participate in the Matrix so readily? “Anonymity” is in quotes because…
The Feds: A Fox in Home Depot’s Henhouse
According to New York Times columnist Joe Nocera (“Criminal Card Games,” September 16), Home Depot’s security breach — the latest in an ongoing series of extensive exposures of customer financial information from large retailers — explains “why the federal government needs to get involved. With the banks and retailers at loggerheads, only the government has the ability to…
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