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Espousing Individual Liberty Using Quotes From Slavemasters?
I recently poked a stick at a hornet’s nest of self-proclaimed Southern Nationalists on Twitter who truly believed they were celebrating individual liberty by quoting Jefferson Davis. The meme that was posted featured a stately profile picture of Davis accompanied by a quote from a famous Davis speech which said, “All we ask is to…
Questioning Murray Rothbard on the Civil War and Just War
Murray Rothbard once opined that there were only two “just wars” in all of American history. The wars in question were the American Revolutionary War and the secessionist war of the Confederate States during the American Civil War. Murray’s reasoning for including, at least, the war of the Confederacy is dubious. To quote his take…
Left Libertarianism On Smash Walls Radio
C4SS Fellows Jason Lee Byas and Trevor Hultner discuss war, the anti-war movement, the civil war and left libertarianism with Smash Walls Radio.
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