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Lessig Would Use a Scalpel Where a Machete is Needed
Harvard law professor and political activist Lawrence Lessig is mounting an intriguing run for President. Lessig’s symbolic campaign will be entirely funded by crowdsourced donations since he has a one-issue platform: campaign finance reform. If elected president, Lessig would attempt to pass a single law through Congress which would scrap existing private campaign financing in…
Fiorina Claims She’s Not Part of the “Professional Political Class” on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Chad Nelson‘s “Fiorina Claims She’s Not Part of the ‘Professional Political Class’” read by Tony Dreher and edited by Nick Ford. While it’s refreshing to learn that Americans are waking up to the reality of a patristic, entrenched political elite, it’s distressing that Fiorina doesn’t consider herself and her fellow corporate…
La Fiorina Dice di non Essere un “Politico di Professione”
L’argomento forte di Carly Fiorina, come candidato repubblicano alla presidenza per il 2016, è che lei è esterna alla politica. Atteggiandosi a vero sfidante di Hillary Clinton, la Fiorina non perde occasione per accusarla di essere un politico di carriera. E ha ragione. Durante una recente apparizione su Fox News, ha citato un sondaggio secondo…
Fiorina Claims She’s Not Part of the “Professional Political Class”
Carly Fiorina’s main talking point throughout her time as 2016 Republican presidential candidate has been that she is an outsider.  Posturing herself as Hilary Clinton’s real challenger, Fiorina takes every opportunity to accuse Clinton of being a career politician.  On this, Fiorina is right.  During a recent Fox News appearance, Fiorina cited a poll that…
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