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Libertad de desvinculación: Acerca de Brad Spangler
Aproximadamente a las 17:00 Hora Estándar del Centro de Estados Unidos del 22 de enero de 2015, Brad Spangler confesó en un post de Facebook haber abusado sexualmente de un niño en el año 2004 y expresó su intención de entregarse a la policía. Spangler no ha publicado, ni hasta donde sabemos, comunicado nada más…
Freedom of Disassociation: Regarding Brad Spangler
At roughly 5 pm CST (January 22, 2015), Brad Spangler confessed in a Facebook post to the 2004 molestation of a child and expressed his intention to turn himself in to the police. He has not posted anything, nor, so far as we know, otherwise communicated — to the contrary, or for that matter at all —…
VIRTUAL SYMPOSIUM: Land Tenure and Anarchic Common Law
Lockeans, advocates of occupancy-and-use standards for land tenure, and other anarchists with comparable views of property need not be seen as differing theoretically as much as is often supposed and their preferred property rules could in principle co-exist without conflict in a stateless society.
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