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It’s Time to Help the Lucy Parsons Center
The Lucy Parsons Center—originally opened as the Red Book Store in 1969 in Central Square, Cambridge but later renamed after the famed anarcho-communist and labor-organizer—is a non-profit, independent, cooperative radical bookstore and activist community center located in Jamaica Plain, Boston. As they write on their website: for years, the Center… has been truly a community…
The Boston Marathon Two Years Later – A Policeman’s Delight on Feed 44
C4SS Feed 44 presents Chad Nelson‘s “The Boston Marathon Two Years Later – A Policeman’s Delight” read by Joey Clark and edited by Nick Ford. For Constitution-worshippers it is one more tear in the Fourth Amendment, which purportedly guarantees Americans protection from random and baseless searches by the state. But the Fourth Amendment is regularly…
The Boston Marathon Two Years Later — A Policeman’s Delight
With the second anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing upon us, NPR is running a series called “The Road Ahead”. In its daily segments, NPR examines how everyday lives have been affected by the horrific events two years ago. One unfortunate but seemingly inevitable part of that road entails law enforcement’s stepped-up abuses of its…
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